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Due to the Covid-19 virus, Wabash Capital has closed our offices to the general public to better ensure the safety of both our clients and staff until further notice. We will be available by phone, email and/or online meetings. Thanks to technology it will remain business as usual behind the scenes and we continue to monitor the markets.

You may contact us at the following:

Don Edwards dedwards@wabashcapital.com 1-812-242-9113

Jim Exline jexline@wabashcapital.com 1-812-242-9113

Ginger Scott gscott@wabashcapital.com 1-765-655-2333

Sandy Smith ssmith@wabashcapital.com 1-618-252-2449

Thank you for your understanding during these unprecedented times.

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It’s all About the Pandemic
DonEdwards web

If you are like most people we know, you are very glad to be reaching the end of this year. During the past year we have experienced a global pandemic, massive social unrest, a contentious political atmosphere, an economic recession, the largest quarterly drop in GDP in history, and an end to the longest running bull market in American history. While there is no guarantee that things will be better in the upcoming year, sometimes the expectation of better times, along with an effective vaccine against Covid, can lead to better outcomes. The U.S. stock market defied the carnage of 2020 by rebounding after the lockdown, helped by the largest post-election rally since 1932. Bonds also posted gains as interest rates plummeted due to severe economic contraction. It was a very strange year indeed.

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