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A successful investment outcome requires a strategy that will support your financial goals and objectives. It begins with an evaluation of your purpose for investing. What are your short and long term financial goals? What are your spending needs? How much can you save on a regular basis? Are there life events in your future that need to be considered before investing?

At Wabash Capital, our advisers provide an independent review of all the key factors you should consider before investing. We can help you evaluate the impact of the following:

Refinancing your mortgage Retirement income needs
Starting or building a business Purchasing a second home 
College expenses  Healthcare expenses
Long term care needs Medicare decisions at retirement

Once you have considered the many real-life factors that can impact your investments, our advisors can begin the process of building a portfolio that will support your lifestyle:

  • Evaluating tax implications and tolerance for market risk
  • Evaluating the current asset allocation of your portfolio
  • Determining appropriateness of existing securities in your portfolio
  • Investing in the optimal securities that support your goals

Portfolio Performance Modeling

Once your overall strategy is implemented, we provide portfolio performance modeling to evaluate a full range of future outcomes for your portfolio. We simulate 250 different market outcomes across the multiple asset classes selected for your portfolio. The modeling considers both bear market and bull market performance for each asset class. It can be updated easily so you can evaluate impacts to changes in your spending needs or financial events that may be in your future.

Wabash Capital maintains investment performance for each client account and combines these results into composites. Individuals that want to review our performance history may do so by requesting a meeting with one of our advisers. 

Generational Wealth Transfer

Wabash Capital has extensive experience carrying out estate planning strategies for clients. We work with a client's personal estate planning attorney to make sure every detail of the plan is properly implemented to maximize the benefits of the strategy.

If a client does not have an attorney to assist him or her with an estate plan, we maintain relationships with many of the very best estate planning professionals in the industry. We are happy to make referrals when the need arises.

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In support of maintaining prudent fiduciary governance, Wabash Capital utilizes the fi360® Fiduciary Analytics platform. This includes an 11-point quarterly fi360 Fiduciary Score® and an analysis of each holding in the portfolio with three primary components: 1) IPS compliance, 2) Statistical risk measures and 3) Qualitative analysis.


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