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Wabash Capital provides fiduciary investment management and consulting services for labor unions and joint employer/union negotiated benefit plans (Taft-Hartley). Labor union funds consist mostly of reserve funds available to union officials to conduct normal business and to allow for future projects as needed such as building expense, training, or other needs.  Taft-Hartley funds are typically ERISA benefit type plans such as pension, health and welfare, training and scholarship funds. 

As a fiduciary investment consultant, we provide fiduciary guidance and oversight to those committees and individuals with responsibility for the management of funds held for the benefit of others.  Specifically, for labor unions, we assist officials in writing an investment policy,  a spending policy, and ongoing oversight and trustee reporting. We provide professional money management of investment funds which includes assessing risk, building a portfolio compliant with the investment policy, asset allocation, and security selection.  We also provide advice on meeting liquidity needs based on the requirements of the beneficiaries.

Union officials and Taft-Hartley plan trustees face a high degree of Department of Labor oversight, so consistent monitoring and due diligence are important to these accounts. We provide assistance in meeting these strict guidelines.

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