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GREENCASTLE, IN, January 28, 2018 -
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A tireless volunteer who never fails to bring a smile to the faces of those she works with or for was honored Saturday night as the 2017 Citizen of the Year.

Ginger Scott, whose volunteer efforts are practically legendary for organizations like the Putnam County Red Cross, Airport Appreciation Days, the Mary Allison Children’s Trust and the Greencastle Rotary Club, to name a few recipients of her labors, was presented the Citizen of the Year honor during the Greater Greencastle Chamber of Commerce annual dinner at the Putnam County Fairgrounds.

“I love the community and I love what I do,” Scott said in brief remarks after receiving the annual award presented by Chamber Executive Director Brian Cox.

“People ask me, ‘How do you do what you do?’” she noted, adding that she wakes up every morning with the same goals in mind -- serving the Lord, serving her clients and serving the community.

Scott is vice president of Wabash Capital and responsible for client services in the Greencastle office.

When she walks into the room, Cox suggested, “everybody else starts to smile,” noting that Scott is ”not just a bystander but the one doing the work.”

Saying Scott is involved “would be an understatement,” Cox praised.

“Our citizen of the year has served more Red Cross chili than any human should,” the Chamber executive director said in introducing the honoree, adding that Scott was a part of the Red Cross for more than 30 years.

Scott also has been on the Putnam County Leadership Council, serves on the Mary Allison Children’s Trust and has been part of Rotary on all levels, including presidency and assistant district governor. She also helped plan the Indiana bicentennial event at the courthouse last December and has been involved in the Putnam County Community Foundation as a legacy member while winning the Spirit of Philanthropy Award.

“It is always so exciting to be able to announce Citizen of the Year and be able to give someone credit who would never ask for it,” Cox said. “The 2017 Citizen of the Year is no different. When our Citizen of the Year walks into a room, they do not know a single stranger with their warm heart and infectious laugh.

“While asking a few people about the Citizen of the Year,” he continued, “they all had the same instant reaction when I mentioned her name -- a huge smile came over their face. I asked give me a funny story that I can tell everyone and they all clammed up -- still with that huge smile on their face.”

As he announced Ginger Scott as the 2017 recipient, Cox instructed the fairgrounds audience to “Try not to smile.”