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dalbarGREENCASTLE, IN, January 2021 -

Team member Ginger Scott has successfully completed the training, validation and testing necessary to become a Registered Fiduciary. The Registered Fiduciary (RF™) Certification identifies financial professionals and organizations as competent fiduciaries that have achieved pertinent educational qualifications and licenses, learned required skills, and have passed a background check.

The RF™ award to Ginger Scott recognizes particular skills in the area of Retirement Services In addition, Ginger and the team provide Investment Management and Advisory services to Individuals, Trust, Corporations, Banks and Labor Unions.

In acting as a Registered Fiduciary Ginger Scott is committed to always acting in the best interest of clients, using the skills, ethics and focus on the client needs that the Certification represents. Mrs. Scott also hold the Accredited Retirement Plan Specialist Certification.

“At a time when the public concern has been elevated by years of financial excesses and scandals, the RF™ validation process offers comfort in the knowledge that our firm has been found worthy of this distinction” said Don Edwards, President, adding “We have always been dedicated to our clients and this award gives us the independent confirmation of this policy.”

Wabash Capital, Inc. is SEC registered Investment Advisor under the Investment Advisor Act of 1940.
The Registered Fiduciary Certification is based on the 2010 Fiduciary Standards of the Fiduciary Standards Board and validated by DALBAR, Inc., the independent expert.

The Fiduciary Standards Board is a not-for-profit (501(c)(3)) organization established in September of 2000 to develop and advance standards of care for investment fiduciaries, which includes trustees, investment committee members, brokers, bankers, investment advisers, money managers, etc. The Fiduciary Standards Board is independent of any ties to the investment community and therefore positioned to be a crucible for advancing fiduciary standards throughout the industry and to the public.

DALBAR, Inc. is the financial community’s leading independent expert for evaluating, auditing and rating business practices, customer performance, product quality and service. Launched in 1976, DALBAR has earned the recognition for consistent and unbiased evaluations of investment companies, registered investment advisers, insurance companies, broker/dealers, retirement plan providers and financial professionals. DALBAR awards are recognized as marks of excellence in the financial community.